Farmer Profile - Teiruma Fernandez


Name: Teiruma Fernandez
Date of Birth: July/4/1974
Whats App Contact Info: +51-01-492-4460
Email Address: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Video Interview: LINK



Region: Saposoa, San Martin
Farm Location: Google Maps Link
Farm Area: 15 Hectares
# of Years Producing Cacao: 28
Varieties of Cacao: Criollo, CCN51



Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Animals: Monkeys & Parrots
Favorite Color: Green 


Biography: Teiruma’s family has been producing cacao for 2 generations. As a second-generation producer of cacao she is adept to the intricacies and challenges that goes into organic cacao cultivation. She has 3 children Jorge, Fernanda and Miguel. She is not planning on having any more.  Her childhood was spent in the countryside of the San Martin jungle in the region of Saposoa. Her childhood home is only 14 minutes down the road. Her husband tragically passed away last year due to the COVID19 pandemic. She continues with the farm in his memory. 



Message to International Buyers:  "Gracias por su continuo apoyo y sigan comprando nuestro cacao, se produce con nada menos que amor."


You can see her interview and tour her farm by watching the video through the link here.









Last Updated: October 14th 2021