Chocolat Bio 55% Sucré Au Sucre De Coco - Blocs

70% organic chocolate sweetened with yacon syrup produced in 5 kg blocks.

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Product Information


Have you ever looked at the label at chocolate that is advertised with no added sugar. Most "no added sugar" chocolates are sweetened with stevia. What is the problem with stevia? Nothing...... except that stevia by itself does not mix well with chocolate. Mixed with chocolate it produces a terrible after taste and is generally mixed with dextrin (produced by the hydrolysis of starch), Erythritol and other fillers and additives which can cause digestive issues. You will normally find chocolate advertised as 0 sugar sweetened with stevia having a stevia extract as one of the last ingredients on the nutritional facts table. 

You can sweeten chocolate with Splenda produced sugar alternatives and consume branded chocoalte as 0 sugar added chocolate OR YOU CAN USE OUR CHOCOLATE WHICH IS SWEETENED WITH A PERUVIAN VEGETABLE WITH NO ADDED FILLERS OR OTHER INGREDIENTS!

Yacon is a prebiotic.  It is a vegetable grown here in Peru which we use to sweeten our chocolate. The end result is an organic natural nutritious and delicious chocolate sweetened by an organic superfood Peruvian vegetable! 

  • Gmo
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Nut
  • Allergen

Notre chocolat ne contient pas d'allergènes, de soja, de blé, d'OGM, de produits laitiers, de noix, de conservateurs, de charges, et est certifié casher, biologique et équitable. Ces blocs de chocolat de 5 kg conviennent aussi bien aux applications industrielles qu'aux applications de gros. 

Available Cacao Varieties

    • Option #1: 50% Trinitario, 25% CCN51, 25% Criollo
    • Option #2: 100% Criollo
    • Option #3: 70% CCN51 & 30% Trinitario
    • Option #4: 50% Trinitario & 50% Criollo
    • Option #5: 100% Porcelana (White Cacao)

Other Available Presentations

    • Wafers
    • Chips
    • Bars

Available Inclusions

    • Lucuma Powder
    • Camu Camu Powder
    • Maca Powder

Other Sweetening Options

Our Factory

We pride ourselves on maintaining these certifications in order to deliver you product that is environmentally friendly, ethically sustainable, and healthy.

Our cacao and Chocolate products are specially crafted in our factory, and are suitable for consumers with a wide range of nutritional needs.


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