Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Environmental Business Mission: Striving to become an industry leader in protecting the environment through socially and environmentally conscious operations and business practices. We are dedicated to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic, and environmental status of Peru.

Mission: Our company does not procure or produce conventional cacao. We buy certified organic cacao beans that are free of pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers. We are committed to increasing the development of direct-trade organic farming within the Peruvian agricultural supply chain.

Compliance with Environmental Legislation: We comply with all national and international legislation regulating our company.


Waste Management Policy

Cacao Shells: The highest quantity of waste that we accumulate from our production of organic cacao, is the excess cacao shells that we cannot sell to companies who typically produce tea. Our policy is to either sell or donate all cacao shells we produce to local farmers. These farmers mix and feed the shells to their livestock and use them as an organic natural fertilizer within their farms.    

Recycling: We separate all our recycling waste from regular waste which is then collected and taken to specialized third party entities to recycle. Corporate recycling is not a state provided service and we go to considerable effort to ensure all recyclable products are diverted from landfills.

Materials: Our packaging material is recyclable. Both the inner bags used for packaging bulk product, as well as retail bags, and shipping boxes are made with recyclable material. We undertake our best efforts to re-use materials in our manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing, with the goal to reduce the quantity of waste which we accumulate. 

Education and Training of Employees: We train our employees to operate in a manner which will result in the lowest quantity of waste within their day to day operations. 


Pollution Reduction Policy:

Natural Gas: Our manufacturing machinery is powered by natural gas, in our best efforts to operate while emitting the lowest levels of emissions, in our best efforts to reduce pollution.

Supplier Sustainability & Collaboration Policy:

Organic Certifications: We buy certified organic cacao beans from certified organic, trusted co-operatives and farmers. We guarantee compliance through independent laboratory testing which confirms the cacao beans within our supply chain are free from pesticides. We conduct onsite audits of our suppliers to ensure they adhere to high standards of sustainability and environmental best practices.    

Sustainability: We are not domestic or international traders of cacao who sporadically enter the Peruvian cacao market and buy on spot or for the lowest price possible. We are producers located within the community and require sustainable business relationships with our farmers and co-operatives. We view our suppliers as our partners and rely on them to provide us with long term supply programs consisting of high-quality, certified organic, raw cacao beans while undertaking sustainable business operations and practices. To ensure lasting and sustainable relationships with our farmers, we pay all our farmers and cooperatives the prices at which they determine to sell their raw cacao beans for our production of certified organic cacao and chocolate. We are registered with Flo-Cert as a certified trader, manufacturer, and processor of cacao. Through Flo-Cert we have permission to trade and commercialize Fair Trade cocoa.


We are a Sedex member and committed to being a responsible and sustainable business. Using Sedex tools and services helps our company improve our responsible business practices