Our Factory

Our cacao beans are sourced from 3 different cacao producing regions within Peru.

The journey starts with groups of farmers that make up farming cooperatives who grow certified organic cacao beans that supply us with their crops for further processing.

Our cacao and chocolate production factory is located within the district of Santiago de Surco Peru where we operate a Nut Free, Allergen Free, Dairy Free, GMO Free, certified Kosher, and Organic factory. Our high quality bean selection process allows us to produce outstanding quality and tasting chocolate!

If you want to visit our factory and are looking for directions please click here.

We can produce chocolate in a variety of different formats, with a variety of different sweetener and cacao butter options for your production of our chocolate.

We provide our clients with 5 different options of cacao varieties:

Option #1 50% Trinitario & 25% CCN51 & 25% Criollo
Option #2 100% Criollo
Option #3 70% CCN51 & 30% Trinitario
Option #4 50% Trinitario & 50% Criollo
Option #5 100% Porcelana (White Cacao)

Our chocolate is produced with either 55%, 70% or 80% cacao and we sweeten our chocolate with either organic panela, white sugar, coconut sugar, or yacon syrup.

View our digital brochure & watch our company video to lean more about who we are and what we do. For additional information please visit our FAQ page & feel free to contact us.