Ethical Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy

Organic Rainforest SAC has implemented a code of ethical principals which we undertake within our business. We believe in the development of social, cultural, economic, and business practices which promote the evolution of our code of ethics. Located in Peru we are especially vigilant towards the equal treatment of all people, including but not limited to gender equality.

Code #1: - Human Rights:
We expect our employees, associates, suppliers, and business partners to engage in activities which promote equality and human rights based on the principal of treating other people as you would like to be treated. All employees must conduct themselves and meet our standards of ethics and integrity. Employees must adhere to our standards of equality. We expect our employees to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and to avoid any discriminatory practices whether through verbal, or non-verbal mediums. All employee conduct must meet our ethical standards and non-discrimination policies.

Code #2 Respect for the Individual:
Everyone has the right to work in an environment where they are treated with dignity and respect. Our company is fully committed to creating this environment which promotes our ethics and business success. We expect equality within our workplace and for all persons to be treated based on our high ethical standards. We expect all employees to be treated with the utmost respect and have non-preferential treatment based on age, gender, sexual orientation, color, or religion.

Code #3 Open and Honest Communication:
All employees should feel completely comfortable to speak their mind, including but not limited to concerns about ethics. Managers have a responsibility to create an open and supportive environment where all employees feel completely comfortable to raise questions or concerns. Organic Rainforest SAC will investigate all reported instances of questionable or unethical behavior. In any occurrence of improper conduct or behavior the company will take appropriate action. Organic Rainforest SAC will not tolerate retaliation against employees who raise ethics concerns in good faith.


Code #4 Accountability and Transparency:
We hold all our employees responsible for their conduct and expect accountability and full transparency in all matters pertaining to their actions within our company. We depend on the trust and accountability from our employees. We expect that our employees be accountable and fully transparent in their conduct and to conduct themselves with full transparency.

Code #5 Legal Framework:
Our commitment to our ethical standards begins with complying with all laws, rules, and regulations where we do business. All employees are trained and understand our company policies, laws, rules, and regulations that apply. If any employee is unsure of a contemplated action is permitted they should consult their manager. We are responsible for preventing violations of law and for speaking up if we see possible violations.

Code #6 Competition:
We are dedicated to ethical, and fair competition. We sell our products based on the high quality and competitive pricing. We make independent pricing and marketing decisions and do not collude or coordinate our activities with our competitors. We do not offer or solicit improper payments or gratuities in connection with the purchase of our goods.

Code #7 Conflicts of Interest:
Organic Rainforest SAC, and our employees must avoid any relationship or activity that might impair or give the appearance to impair our ability to make objective and fair decisions. We must never use Organic Rainforest SAC property or information for personal gain. Employees with a conflict of interest question should consult management. Before undertaking any activity, transaction, or relationship which could be perceived as a conflict of interest, employees must seek review from management.