Organic Raw 55% Chocolate Sweetened With Panela

55% organic chocolate sweetened with panela available in blocks, wafers, chips, and bars produced from your preferred variety of organic Peruvian cacao. -- Trinitario, CCN51, Criollo, Porcelana --

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Product Information

Chocolate is made by roasting cacao beans and producing cacao nibs. Nibs are then crushed and produced into a thick mass called cacao paste (sometimes called cacao liquor) and chocolate is made when conching the paste with cacao butter, adding sweetener(s), and optional inclusions.

Our chocolate is available in a variety of presentations, and we also offer the option of adding organic Peruvian superfood inclusions which we conch and embed into the chocolate for the optional added nutritional value and taste. 

Available Percentages of Cacao: 55%, 70%, 80%

  • Gmo
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Nut
  • Allergen
Our chocolate contains no allergens, soy, wheat, GMO’s, dairy, nuts, preservatives, fillers, and is certified kosher, organic & fair trade.

Available Cacao Varieties

    • Option #1: 50% Trinitario, 25% CCN51, 25% Criollo
    • Option #2: 100% Criollo
    • Option #3: 100% Porcelana

Available Presentations

    • 5 Kg Blocks
    • Wafers
    • Chips
    • Bars

Available Inclusions

    • Lucuma Powder
    • Camu Camu Powder
    • Maca Powder

Available Sweetening Options

    • White Sugar
    • Panela
    • Coconut Sugar
    • Yacon Syrup

Our Factory

We pride ourselves on maintaining these certifications in order to deliver you product that is environmentally friendly, ethically sustainable, and healthy.

Our cacao and Chocolate products are specially crafted in our factory, and are suitable for consumers with a wide range of nutritional needs.


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    & Corruption free